This is a photo of Squire Boone Phillips and his wife Julia Adams Phillips taken in post war Kansas. Squire served in Co.E of the 2nd Missouri Cavalry. He was born in Ray County, MO in 1835 and moved his family to Easton, KS in 1860. He was captured at some point during the war and was given a choice to either rot in a Yankee prison or fight Indians in the west. He chose to go west (Galavanized Yankee). He had a horse that would alert him to Indians by reacting to the smell of bear grease that the Indians wore and saved his life more than once. He was partially scalped in a fight and chose to wear a hat for the rest of his life. He died in Easton, KS in May 1918. This info  and photo was furnished by Squire's great-great grandson M. Sean Phillips of Alaska.

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